How big can the size of my bag be? What about valuables such as phones, cameras or laptops? Can I store a bike? 

At Stasher we're pretty flexible! We don't charge by size, only by number of items (this keeps it simple for hosts and customers). 

Stasher cannot facilitate storage of any valuable items or travel documents. Keep your phone and passport with you! Please see our insurance details for more information.

We normally work with luggage, so think of up to the size of a large holdall bag! We can often accommodate larger items (such as skis, bikes or surfboards) on request.

If you would like to enquire about oversized storage, please get in touch by phone, chat or email with: 

  • A description of the item you'd like to store (e.g. skis in a ski bag)
  • The dimensions of the item (e.g. 200cm x 20cm x 10cm)
  • The exact preferred location (e.g. London, near Kings Cross station)
  • The dates and times you would like to drop off and collect

We'll do our best to find a host that can accommodate! 

Find out more about long term storage here.