What to do in the unlikely event of the location not being open.

We're very sorry - rarely factors out of our control mean shops may be open different times to their normal opening hours. If this is the case, call us straight away. 

If the StashPoint is closed and you're dropping off your bags:

  • We will direct you to place a booking for free at an alternative StashPoint nearby. 
  • Or, if you would prefer we can process a refund of your unused booking.

If the StashPoint is closed and you're collecting your bags:

  • If we can, we will contact the host to ask them to re-open the StashPoint ASAP.
  • In the worst case scenario, please go ahead with your travel arrangements and we will arrange for the bag to be sent to your final destination. If you have a plane to catch, we strongly recommend not missing your flight. It is normally cheaper to ship bags than to re-book a plane ticket. 

Remember - always keep your valuables and travel documents with you!

Please do take careful note of the opening hours - if you arrive after the StashPoint has closed to collect your luggage, there is not a lot we can do, but we will always try our best to help.