How can I find a StashPoint? How do I make a booking? How does it work?

Let's get stashing!

So you're looking for somewhere to store your bags. But where? We've got over 1500 locations worldwide so you're spoiled for choice!

  1. Head to and enter the dates, times and number of bags you'd like to store, as well as your destination. Get specific! Try not just "London", but "London Kings Cross Station".

    2. Here, you'll find a list and map of StashPoints nearby. Your chosen location is the red dot: click on a blue StashPoint to view its reviews, opening hours and distance from your chosen location.

3. Click on 'Book' to sign in and place your booking online. All bookings must be placed online in order for your bag to be covered by our insurance (up to £1000). We ask you to create an account with Stasher so you can log in to view all of your bookings in one place.

4. Choose your payment method, and enter your details. 

5. From here, you can view your booking in your account:

You'll also receive a confirmation email with all the details you need, including StashPoint address, booking ID, and opening hours.

Haven't received a confirmation email? Check your junk folder or drop us a message!

6. Drop off! Times are flexible, so no worries if you're running late. You'll be asked to show your booking ID as well as personal ID (e.g. a drivers' license). Remember not to store any valuables or travel documents. Keep your phone and passport with you!

You'll be given a luggage tag to identify your bag when you collect. Top tip: take a picture of the tag in case you lose the piece of paper!

7. After enjoying your day bags free, take your tag back to the StashPoint to collect your bag. Collection times are flexible, but do double check the opening hours of your StashPoint!

Happy stashing! As always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to chat online, drop us an email at, or give us a call!