How to request posters, stickers, flags, pavement signs and more for your shop or hotel!

Do you think you could display some Stasher signage to invite people in to store their bags as your StashPoint? Great!

We distribute the following signage:

  • Stickers (about the size of your hand)

  • Posters (for the wall or adhesive for the window)

  • Projecting flags (attached to the front of the store to be seen from down the street, they don't need to be screwed on the wall)

  • Pavement signs (waist-height, self standing signs to be put outside on the pavement)

If you can think of anything else you would use to advertise Stasher to your customers, please let us know! 

To order signage, please email us at, give us a call at +44 20 3355 3544 or simply get in touch using the online chat. Tell us the name of your StashPoint and what signage you'd like to order!

Please remember that whether a customer books in advance, or walks in off the street they MUST make a booking online at

Accepting bookings outside of Stasher is against your contract and will result in reduced commission or removal from our platform.